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Khalid Al Ameri YOUTUBER BIRTHDAY December 05, 1983 (Age 37 years) Social Handles: Khalid Al Ameri is a 37 years old Youtuber from the United Arab Emirates. He is the Creator of video series called Ramadan 2018 and The Ramadan Show and has earned an audience of more than 3 million followers on Facebook.  Khalid is a vlogger … Read more

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David Scott (The kiffness) musician & YouTuber, bio, age, spouse

David Scott MUSICIAN &YOUTUBER BIRTHDAY Dob Not Confirmed Social Handles: David Scott is a Musician & a Youtuber from Cape Town, South Africa. He is a South African producer and parody artist who is the founder and lead singer for the band, The Kiffness.  The Kiffness is a youtube channel known for making jazzy, groovy, & … Read more

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The Modern Singhs (Youtuber) Bio, Age, & Spouse

The Modern Singhs YOUTUBER BIRTHDAY Money SinghAug 13, 1993 (Age 28 years)Abbey SinghJune 22, 1996 (Age 25 years) Social Handles: The Modern Singhs are a real-life couple who are popular for their YouTube channel where they known for sharing their daily lives and traditions pranks, vlogs, and cooking videos on their channel. Both of them are also … Read more

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Tayler Holder (Tik Tok Star) Bio, Age & Girlfriend

Tayler Holder TIKTOK STAR BIRTHDAY Aug 19, 1997 (Age 24 years) Social Handles: Tayler Holder is a 24 years old Tik Tok Star and model from Alvarado, TX. He is a Social influencer and aspiring actor with extremely popular on TikTok with over 18 million fans on his itstaylerholder account.  Tayler travelled around the world performing and meeting … Read more

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Christian Collins (Youtuber) Bio, Age & Girlfriend

Christian Collins YOUTUBER BIRTHDAY April 18, 1996 (Age 25 years) Social Handles: Christian Collins is a 25 years old Youtuber from Canada. He is a versatile entertainer and social media celebrity well known as WeeklyChris who has worked as an actor, musician, and businessman.  Christian is popular on Instagram with 3.4 million followers. He shares travelling pictures, … Read more

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Faze Blaze (Youtuber) Bio, Age & Girlfriend

Faze Blaze YOUTUBER BIRTHDAY Aug 19, 1996 (Age 25 years) Social Handles: Faze Blaze is a 25 years old Youtuber from Vienna, Austria. He is famous for posting different content such as vlogs, gaming content, reaction, challenges, etc. He posts the gaming video of Fortnite, Call of Duty, Gumball 3000, etc.   Faze is also a Twitch star and … Read more

Federico Michael Gaytan Fedmyster

Federico Michael Gaytan Biography, Age, Height, Family, Net worth & More

Federico Michael Gaytan Youtuber, Twitch StarBirthday- 07 August 1995Social Handles: Insta | Tiktok | Twitter Federico Michael Gaytan (fedmyster) is a 26 years old Youtuber, Twitch Star from United State. She is famouse Youtuber, Twitch Star. Gaytan was a full-time video editor for content creator Christian “IWDominate” Rivera, a former pro player for Team Liquid. … Read more